Running Linux and Android in SonyEriccson Xperia X1

Well, as the title says, it actually won't do any good by running linux in the phone. Since x1's wireless card can't be detected, we ended up without any network connectivity. The sound driver didn't work either.
But still it worth some try.

HowTo run linux in X1 - few simple easy steps:
  1. download the package, either one is okay :

    Compiled by ARAN
    Compiled by AIV

  2. extract the file into the root directory of our phone "my device" in file explorer

  3. run the 'haret.exe' provided in the package (download one here if it didn't included)

  4. the linux should run
To Run Google-Android OS (partially working, i mean "partially") :
  1. download the package

    Android X1 by japanfred

  2. extract to your pc

  3. copy all the files inside /tmp/boot/ to the storage card root directory

  4. copy the /tmp folder to the storage card

  5. run haret.exe
I will provide the pics later on

Resources : XdaDeveloperWiki

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